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Used Bentley Dealer of distinction – Just ask Aaron Lambo!

Aaron Lambo, the famous British bodybuilder and entrepreneur recently visited Junction 17 Cars in Peterborough, looking for a used Bentley. If there was any dealership up for the task, it was Junction 17 Cars.

Car Insurance Fails

When it comes to car insurance, there are many common mistakes UK drivers are making daily, some without even being aware. Could we be making dangerous and costly mistakes?

New Car Tax Rules

If you're looking to change your car, you might want to check the new vehicle tax rates before making your choice. On April 1st, 2017, the UK witnessed a huge change to car tax rules

Petrol or Diesel, which one is best?

Are you a petrol head or a diesel devotee? Purchasing a new car can be a confusing task, here we look at the Petrol or Diesel great fuel debate.

MPV or SUV, the car battle debate

MPV or SUV is a long-standing family car debate, but like most things, it depends purely on your lifestyle and budget