Used Car Finance

At Junction 17 Cars, we keep our prices competitive to make our elegant range of sports, luxury and prestige cars as affordable as possible. Taking out a finance agreement is a popular way to make your purchase more affordable.

No matter what your current or previous financial situation may be; our sales advisers will be happy to help you towards purchasing a vehicle on finance. As we deal with these finance companies every day we know exactly where to place an application for a successful result. We work firmly towards your personal budget and often will help you save money.

You pay an initial deposit and spread the remaining cost of the vehicle over a series of fixed monthly payments. By the end of the agreement, you will have paid the total cost of the car plus a rate of interest on the loan.

When you select from our high-quality used car range, you can adjust the length of time you want to spread the cost over. You can also specify the proportion of the total cost you can afford to pay as a deposit and the annual mileage you expect to cover in your prestige car. This flexibility gives you complete control over financing your car. You can also adjust the preferred terms and deposit of your agreement on our search function, to give you an idea of what you might be able to afford.

If you are interested in financing your purchase from Junction 17 Cars, you can ask any of our sales advisers for assistance. They will be happy to explain the various options available and make recommendations based on your individual requirements. You can arrange an appointment by enquiring online via the contact form on our website, or by phoning our dealership in Peterborough.

We are fully equipped to assist you in financing any used car of your choice. Our specialist sales advisers can explain the various types of finance agreement and help you choose the best option for your circumstances.

The benefits of dealer finance

Quick and Easy

Our team are experts in the Finance field

If you're thinking of buying a car, apply online and you could be pre-approved in minutes. Our Finance Calculator provides accurate and quick responses for both HP and PCP quotes, based on the car price, monthly budget and the term of the loan. Our calculator allows you to adjust your payment plan until you're happy with your quote. It really is that simple.

If you would prefer to speak to someone in person, we offer Finance solutions in our Peterborough dealership. Our team are experts in the Finance field and will help get you the best deal based on your budget. You're in control, you choose your deposit and your payment terms, and we ensure you get the most competitive finance plan available. So, pop in today and meet with one of our advisors who will carefully guide you through the process.


Personal Contract Plan (PCP)

PCP offers lower monthly payments with an agreed amount being deferred until the end of the term. This leaves you with a final Guaranteed Future Value that is agreed at the start of the contract and based on your annual mileage and the term you would like the agreement over. At the end of the agreement you will need to decide to trade your car in for a new one or simply refinance the balance 

Hire Purchase (HP)

Had always been the most popular method of funding your vehicle where the full balance is spread over a fixed term with equal monthly payments where at the end of the greed term you will own the vehicle outright