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Top 10 Car Insurance fails

Owning a car is an expensive business. From the initial purchase to MOT, Tax and Servicing, often car insurance details are overlooked or truths stretched to reduce costs. Whilst this might seem like a thrifty saving at the time, if you need to make a claim, things can turn sour (and expensive) very quickly.
When it comes to car insurance, there are many common mistakes UK drivers are making daily, some without even being aware. It’s understood that insurance is legal by law, but understanding the laws that govern our car insurance isn’t. Every year, drivers are risking millions of pounds in rejected, or part rejected claims due to breach of conditions.
So, before we leave for work or scoot home on our lunch break, could we be making dangerous and costly mistakes?

Top 10 mistakes that can invalidate your insurance

  1. Wearing high heels or flip flops while driving
  2. Fronting – insuring your car with someone not the main driver to reduce costs
  3. Driving without up to date details on licence such as address
  4. Attaching fluffy dice or any object to rear-view mirror
  5. Leaving car unlocked
  6. Putting off car maintenance when required
  7. Forgetting to renew car MOT on time
  8. Pet(s) roaming free in the car
  9. Allowing a friend or family member to borrow your car
  10. Forgetting to update details after changing jobs

Staying legal

If you’re in any doubt, check your car insurance and understand how you can stay legal on the roads. Make sure you keep all your car insurance information up to date, ensuring all drivers are covered. And, remember to declare the real named driver, it might increase costs initially but the cost of declaring a discrepancy is far greater. It might be the last thing on your mind at the time, but asses your footwear before you drive away. Comfy flipflops or killer heals could cost you more than you thought. Try not to make it easy for thieves by leaving your car unlocked. Safety is paramount, so don’t walk away until you’re certain your car is locked.

Finally, the most important thing to remember? It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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