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Sell your car fast! Maximum value, minimum effort.

Are you planning to sell your car?

You've got several options when choosing the best way to sell your car. You could put a 'for sale' sign in the window of your vehicle and hope a passer-by notices it. You could list the car in the automotive classifieds and field calls and emails from potential buyers who will likely haggle over price. There's always part-exchange where you'll get a quick transaction, but you might not be looking to buy. If you've got the confidence, and willing to settle for a trade price, you could sell in a trade auction.

Try the new smarter way

Now there's an easier way. You can simply use our bespoke Brokerage service that will maximise the value of your car. Find out why this option is overtaking other methods…

With so many available options to sell your car, it can be hard to know which way to turn. Punchy adverts for online car buying sites promise quick and easy sales, but do they offer value for money? Their quote is likely to be lower or similar to your car's trade value, and often subject to an administration fee and inspection of your car. If this reveals any faults, the final valuation figure could be even lower.

Value your time, and your money

The tempting private sale could be the most cost effective but will be the most time consuming. An advert will need to be created for potential buyers, and you will need to arrange and be present at viewings and test-drives. There's also the responsibility of promptly replying to calls or emails and dealing with frustrating time wasters and hagglers. All the paperwork to sell your car must be correctly completed, and a safe way of being paid for the sale must be arranged. Failure to do this could have legal implications and leave you open to fraud.

Brokerage, the new way to sell your car

Sell your car through our brokerage service and you'll avoid the work and expense of advertising and dealing with enquiries, viewings and test drives. Our service is hassle-free and professional. The price you'll get will be based on the car's retail value, not trade, giving you more money in your pocket.

We understand selling a car though our Brokerage service might not be for everyone. Speak with one of our team and we will be happy to guide you through the process to see if we can help.

Our Service to You

We will prepare your car to our own high standard prior to selling it, this is what we will carry out on your behalf…

  • Full professional valet and detail to present your car at its best
  • Thorough mechanical and cosmetic inspection in our workshops
  • A Market Appraisal of your vehicle, and agree a suitable Marketing Price
  • Carry out, at trade price, any pre-sale work required to increase your car's value
  • Take a series of professional quality pictures
  • Market the vehicle on our website
  • Advertise on leading online media, with links to our website
  • Collate all the car's documentation, ready for viewing by buyers
  • Present your car at our prestigious, centrally located showroom
  • Handle all enquiries, and sort the real prospects from the 'tyre kickers'
  • Coordinate viewings, and provide Comprehensive Insurance for test drives
  • Provide full Dealer Facilities to buyers, including Part Exchange, Finance Facilities, Extended Warranties, DVLA services and Credit Card Facilities
  • Negotiate with buyers on your behalf
  • Close the deal and arrange secure transfer of funds
  • Complete all documentation and arrange the vehicle handover

Contact us today or call into our Peterborough showroom and see how we can save you time and make you money.