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Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is one of the most straightforward forms of finance available. The cost of your purchase is spread over two to five years, there are no mileage restrictions, the payments are fixed and regular making it easier to budget, and at the end of the agreement you own the car.

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Personal Contract Plan

The personal contract plan (PCP) is the most popular finance option with our customers. The cost of the vehicle is split into monthly payments, which are reduced (compared to the hire purchase) thanks to a final lump-sum settlement at the end of the contract, based on the estimated value of your car.

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Variable rate

Our variable rate plan is favoured by customers with high incomes, as well as limited companies, the self-employed, partnerships, and professionals. The plans are available over periods of 24 to 48 months with a balloon payment, or up to 60 months without.

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If you want some advice on what might suit you, please just ask. You can call us at our showroom on 01423 325800 and ask to speak to any of our sales team. Alternatively, fill in the contact form or send us an email by clicking the buttons below.

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