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Here at Junction 17 Cars, we have introduced a fantastic level of cover to put your mind at ease. We are proud to announce the Smart Care Cosmetic Cover. Providing you cover in the event of minor damage such as small scratches to the interior, exterior and alloy wheels of your vehicle.

We know you find our Premium Warranty provided by A1 Approved invaluable. This takes care of all the cosmetic damage that could happen. From scratches, stone chips, interior damage and even on those precious wheels. It's safe to say this cover combined with LifeShine Paint Protection, AlloyGator Wheel Protection, and our A1 Approved Warranty, will give you the very best protection for yoru car and it's future resale value.

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  • Smart Care Cosmetic Cover provides cover against the cost of performing a cosmetic repair to your vehicle, where the damage can be repaired by our specialist repairers using Smart repair process.
  • Up to 5 repairs in each 12 months of cover taken.
  • ‚Äč Chip: a chip no more than 5mm in diameter and 3mm in depth.
  • Light Scratch: a scratch no more than 30cm in length, 3mm in depth and that sits within no more than two (2) body panels.
  • Minor Dent: a dent no more than 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth and that sits within no more than two (2) body panels.
  • Scuffed Bumper: a scuff or dent to a bumper no more than 30cm in diameter or 3mm in depth.
  • Alloy Wheel: scratches or kerbed alloy wheel damage to the original alloy wheels fitted to your vehicle.


  • Any damage that:
  • cannot be defined as a chip, light scratch, minor dent or scuffed bumper.
  • in the expert opinion of our authorised repairer cannot be repaired using smart repair process, or can only be repaired in a body-shop.
  • occurs to horizontal, flat surfaces such as roofs, bonnets and boot tops.
  • extends over more than two (2) bodypanels.
  • occurred before the start date or after the end date of the period of cover.
  • is caused by rust, hail, bird droppings and tree sap.
  • is caused by stickers or decals.
  • split rim, polished or chrome effect wheels.
  • requires the replacement of a body panel or bumper, or part of a panel or bumper.
  • damage not reported within 30 days of its occurrence.
  • the excess or call out fee.