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Dash cam, is it time to invest in one?

Most UK drivers are aware of what a Dash Cam is due to crazy videos captured by the general public. But aside from digital entertainment and viral videos, can the everyday person protect themselves after an accident by having one? We look at whether Dash Cams are a good idea, and if they can help protect drivers after an accident.​

An Extra Set Of Eyes On The Road

The most common Dash Cam simply records the view through the windshield of the car. But, due to a limited amount of digital storage, the data is overwritten and recycled when the storage is full. Several hours of footage can be held, but it depends on the quality of the camera and memory as to its effectiveness.

Beyond simply documenting the mechanics of a crash, a Dash Cam can also help prove the severity of a crash. The more advanced Dash Cam on the market offers GPS tagging showing the exact location, time, and date of each recording. Some models even include accelerometers that can measure the speed and force of any impact. This type of Dash Cam includes speed-based driving modes that record differently when the car is moving and when it’s stopped.

Resolving Disputes

Regardless of features, the core function of a Dash Cam is to provide an impartial record of what the driver could see in the moments leading up to an accident. Dash Cams can prove that you had a green light, or the other driver ran a red light before hitting you. Being able to show impartial evidence helps avoid ‘your word against the other driver’ situations after an accident.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are very little downsides to owning a Dash Cam. It’s a great impartial recording that can help to resolve a dispute with another driver. But, it’s good to remember it does work both ways. It can help when you’ve innocently been involved in an accident, it can also highlight if you were to blame.